Our invite programme has now come to an end.

We want to thank everyone who has invited friends and family to join Bottlepay and into the Bitcoin universe. The invites programme was a massive success.

We’ll continue to roll out new features with a focus on making the app as user-friendly as possible, so watch this space for new features coming your way very soon. 🚀

To learn more about how this may affect you, please continue.

If I'm currently onboarding can I still receive my bonus?

Yes, if you have already started onboarding and have entered a referral code you will still receive the referral bonus as long as you still complete the criteria:

  1. You must enter a valid referral code during onboarding but before account verification.*

  2. Once you have entered a valid referral code, you must complete account verification.

  3. You must make a single deposit of £10 or €10 from a bank account in your own name.**

  4. You must make a single purchase of bitcoin worth £10 or €10.**


Once you have completed these tasks you'll both receive £5 or €5 worth of bitcoin dropped straight into your accounts.

*The new user will have no more than 30 days before starting our onboarding process. Users who start the verification process before entering a referral code will not be eligible.

**The single deposit and single trade must be within 90 days of completing our onboarding process.

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