Before we report a bug to our technical team, we need to rule out a few common issues. Please could you try the following?

  • If you have a VPN, please disable it and try again

  • Try using a more stable internet connection, perhaps using mobile data (3G/4G) or a different wifi connection

  • Make sure the app is on the latest version by checking the App Store or Google Play for updates

  • Make sure your phone's operating software is updated, minimum requirements are:

    • iOS 11,

    • Android 7.0 (api level 24)

  • Clear your cached data (see below)

How to clear your cached data:


Open your app tray, long-press the Bottlepay app icon, tap "App Info", then "Storage & cache", there you can clear both the data and cache.


To delete the cached data on your iPhone you can uninstall and reinstall the Bottlepay app.

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