Here is a summary of your limits👇

Deposit limits

  • Open banking (UK only) - £50,000 deposit limit.

  • Manual bank transfer limits are set by your bank.

Transaction limits (including trades and withdrawals)

  • We have a daily/individual transaction limit of £/€10,000 (for all trades and payments except via lightning).

  • There is a single trade limit of £/€10,000 up to your daily limit.

Lightning limits

  • There is a £/€50 lightning deposit limit

  • There is a £/€100 limit per lightning transaction

  • Daily outbound limit of £/€250

  • Maximum of 50 lightning deposits per day

All limits reset at midnight each day. 🌔

⚡ Increased lightning limits coming soon. Watch this space. 🚀

ℹ️ For details on how to check your limits in the Bottlepay app, please tap here.

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