Here is a summary of your limits👇

Deposit limits

  • Open banking (UK only) - £50,000 deposit limit.

  • Manual bank transfer limits are set by your bank.

Transaction limits

  • We have a daily/individual transaction limit of £/€10,000 (for all trades and payments except via lightning).

  • There is a single trade limit of £/€10,000 up to your daily limit.

Lightning limits

  • There is a £/€50 lightning deposit limit.

  • There is a £/€100 limit per lightning transaction.

  • Daily outbound lightning limit of £/€250.

  • Maximum of 50 lightning deposits per day.

Withdrawal Limits

  • Fiat withdrawal limits are £/€10,000 up to your daily limit.

For info on how to find these limits within the app see, tap here.

Finally, to give feedback about limits you'd like to see increased please see here:

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