This article will help you find and share your referral code and unique webpage. After you have referred a friend and they have signed up to Bottlepay and completed the referral tasks, you will both receive £5 or €5 worth of bitcoin each. 🤸

Referral code

From the home screen, tap on your username or profile image in the top left of the screen. Scroll down and then tap the 'invite a friend' card.

You will now see your referral code! You can easily copy this or tap 'share' to invite friends and family.

Invite via contacts

If you have synced your phone contacts, you can tap 'Invite' on any friend or family member not on Bottlepay. You can then multi-select as many users as you like. Tap 'invite' and we will autofill a message with your referral code and unique webpage.

Web Page

Each user will have their own website to easily share and onboard new users. You can find your website by inviting or sharing your code with our pre-filled message. You will then see your personalised web page containing your referral code!

Once your friends or family complete the referral tasks from either of these methods, you will both receive £5 or €5 worth of bitcoin.

To find out more about our referrals scheme tap here.

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