Depending on the state of the network, on-chain transactions can take longer to confirm if the network is congested. Sending an on-chain transaction requires you to pay a network fee to Bitcoin miners and the higher the fee is, the faster the transaction will be confirmed. You can learn more about what bitcoin network fees are here.

When sending an on-chain payment a dropdown menu appears beneath where the BTC address (see below 👇 ). This lets you select different speed/fee options such as 'Faster' or 'Slower'.

Please note, that choosing the lower priority option also means they will be processed slower by Bottlepay relative to the higher priority transactions.

If you need your payment to be confirmed fast, stick with the 'faster' option. If you are not in a rush, go with the 'slower' option.

How to check on your on-chain transaction

Once you have sent your on-chain transaction via Bottlepay, a card will be generated on the home-screen. In this example (Below 👇), you can see the on-chain transaction underneath the 'recent' tab or by tapping the transaction icon in the menu options at the bottom.

Once you have found your transaction, tap the 'i' button in the bottom left of the screen to open up more information regarding the transaction such as confirmations, transaction ID and the address you sent it to.

You can copy the transaction ID into any bitcoin block explorer to get more information about your transaction to see that it has been broadcasted to the network.

The first button on the right of the "Transaction ID" will take you to (a block explorer). Here, you will see where your transaction is in the Blockchain and roughly how long it will take to process.

Please note, depending on the priority option you have chosen, the transaction ID may also state pending.

If you believe it is taking longer than expected, please reach out to us via the in-app support chat, so we can look into your transaction further for you.

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