There have been incredible developments to improve the user experience and usability of the Lightning Network. One of the major breakthroughs is called LNURL, which is now supported here at Bottlepay!

Traditional Lightning invoices have to be created on request and can only be used once, which isn't always convenient. On-chain addresses are static and in theory, can be used an unlimited amount of times but it isn't considered best practice to share or reuse on-chain addresses for privacy reasons. On-chain transactions are also slower and more expensive than Lightning transactions.

LNURL combines both the convenience of static on-chain addresses while benefiting from instant and cheap Lightning payments.


Each Bottlepay user will now have a reusable lightning QR code that is static and can be reused or shared to receive instant payments over the Lightning Network. You can share online or in-person to receive tips or payments while benefitting from the convenience of not creating ad-hoc Lightning invoices.

Where can I find my reusable lightning QR code?

Please note, the external wallet must also support LNURL-pay.


In addition to receiving payments via LNURL, we also support outbound payments too! You can now scan any static LNURL QR code using the normal outbound payment flow by tapping 'send' from the home screen.

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