Bottlepay Bots on Discord are now live!

With the Bottlepay 🤖's, you can now send sats and fiat (GBP/EUR) directly across your Discord Server.

Made a bet with friends on who will finish at the top of the leaderboard? Pay that bet directly in your server with Bottlepay.

Has your mate pulled it out of the bag to score a last minute winner? Show your appreciation by firing some sats directly to their Bottlepay account.

General Use

Connect Discord account:

Simply connect your Discord account to your Bottlepay profile and then follow the instructions below to add the bot to your server.

Add Bottlepay Bot to the server:

Hit this link to simply add the bot to your server. Alternatively, scan the QR code below.

Once you have scanned the QR or tapped the link, you will be prompted to choose which server to add the bot to.

Please be sure to tick the box that allows the bot to respond.

The bot should now appear in your server with the BOT icon.


When sending payments, there are a few things to be aware of:

  • Payments will always be taken from the matching currency you use, so please make sure you have a funded wallet

  • All payments you make must be approved in the app before any money will be sent

  • If your chosen recipient isn't a member of Bottlepay we will hold the payment for 7 days, the 🤖 will respond with a shareable URL with more details

  • Be aware of the countries we support, make sure that your recipient is in one of those regions if you want them to be able to collect

To send a payment to any recipient you just need to use the following text format, ? = optional, * = required:

@bottlepay [word*] [amount*] [currency*] [word?] @recipient

So if you wanted to send your mate @BottlepayWill 1000 sats:

@bottlepay fire 1000 sats to @BottlepayWill

If all has gone well, the 🤖 will respond accordingly:

If the user doesn't have a Bottlepay account they will be sent a link to claim the payment.


A direct trade allows you to send a message out for the amount you wish to buy or sell. You just need to use the following text format with * = required.

@bottlepay [buy|sell|stack*] [amount*] [of*] [bitcoin|btc|BTC|the corn|corn|*]

As per below:

@Bottlepay buy £10 of bitcoin

If all has gone to plan, the 🤖 will respond accordingly.

Please note:

  • The amount stated for all trades must be in denominated fiat.

  • Whether you buy or sell please make sure you have a funded wallet.

  • All trades you make must be approved in the app before they are converted and there is a timer to confirm the exchange rate.

Example of valid syntax


@bottlepay send 100k sats to @user ... 
@bottlepay send @user 100k sats ...
@bottlepay send £10 to @user ...


@bottlepay buy|stack|sell £X of sats|BTC|btc|bitcoin|the corn|corn|🌽 

E.g @Bottlepay stack £10 of bitcoin

Must be denominated in fiat and not bitcoin.

If you don't know how to link your social media account, then follow this guide.

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