Trading Bitcoin

With the Bottlepay social media bots, you can now trade bitcoin directly over social media. πŸ€–

πŸ’ͺ Want to flex on social media that you bought the dip?

πŸ‚ Did a tweet leave you extra bullish and want to stack sats right there, right then?

Well, you can now buy or sell bitcoin directly over social media! πŸš€

General use


Simply connect your Twitter account to your Bottlepay profile and you're good to go! When trading, there are a few things to be aware of:

  • The amount stated for all trades must be denominated in fiat (GBP/Euros).

  • Whether you buy or sell please make sure you have enough funds in your wallet.

  • All trades you make must be approved in the app before they are converted and there is a timer to confirm the exchange rate.


  • A direct trade allows you to send a tweet out for the amount you wish to buy or sell. You just need to use the following text format. You must use one of each of the terms contained in the square brackets [ * ].

@bottlepay [buy|sell|stack*] [amount*] [of*] [bitcoin|btc|BTC|the corn|corn|*]

  • If all has gone to plan, the πŸ€– will respond accordingly.

❗ Please note you will need to approve the trade in the app after posting.

  • Let's check out the very first bitcoin trade over Twitter; the syntax used here is easy as a-b-c 😎

"@Bottlepay stack Β£1.23 of btc"

Alternative Syntax Example

  • Below is an example of a tweet reply but with a different syntax.

πŸ“– If you don't know how to link your social media account, then follow this guide.

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