ℹ️ To transact on the lightning network you must use an external wallet that supports lightning.

Lightning payments

To make a lightning payment:

  • Tap the 'SEND' button on the home screen.

  • You will be prompted to scan or paste a valid lightning invoice.

Once a valid invoice is scanned or pasted in, you can choose whether to send it from your bitcoin account or your GBP/EUR account by tapping the arrow in the middle of the screen. You can then simply right on 'Swipe to send' to confirm the transaction.

This will settle the payment instantly and for an extremely low fee compared to an on-chain transaction. ⚡⚡

ℹ️ We also support LNURL invoices and lightning addresses. To enter a lightning address tap 'Send' on the home screen and then you can paste one from your clipboard, or tap "Manual" and enter an address manually.

If you have scanned a valid LNURL QR code you will be prompted to enter an amount before sending it.

Can I withdraw to my own wallet?

Yes, of course. Just find your address in any wallet that supports lightning payments, copy it and follow the steps above. 🎯

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