Sending an On-Chain transaction requires you to pay a network fee to Bitcoin miners (not to Bottlepay). Bitcoin miners validate new blocks to the blockchain which will include your validated transaction. The fee you pay is dynamic and will mainly depend on how congested the network is.

The fee is the difference between what you send and what the recipient receives. This incentivises miners to validate blocks with higher transaction fees first so the higher fee you pay, the faster your transaction will be confirmed.

Choosing your speed and fee in Bottlepay

Hit 'send' on the home screen and scan or paste in a valid bitcoin address.

Once you have entered the amount to send you can view different speed and fee options by tapping the 'speed: normal' button at the top. This will prompt you to select a transaction speed varying from slower to faster with lower or higher fees respectively.

For smaller payments, we recommend using the Lightning Network.

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