At Bottlepay, we aim to provide a safe, accessible platform that gives our customers the best possible introduction to the future of finance. We strive to create a fantastic user experience (UX) and a transparent, safe environment that will appeal to all levels of technical expertise. We like to think we mix the best of both worlds, combining the convenience of conventional currencies with the innovation made possible by bitcoin and the lightning network.

As a regulated crypto-asset provider, we need to comply with financial regulations. This means that from time to time you may experience a delay, or be contacted by our team in regards to one of your transactions following our screening processes.

To fulfil our legal obligations, and remain compliant, we are not able to give you specific details in every circumstance. However, this article aims to give you an overview of the analysis we apply to all transactions.

For bitcoin transactions, we use automated screening tools to better understand the history of the funds. Based on the information returned, we will consider:

  • The source of the funds

  • The services the funds have passed through (mixers, gambling, etc)

  • Evaluation of activity based on percentage of all transactions

We combine this with other relevant Anti Money Laundering (AML) frameworks to take a risk-based approach that determines what actions we take.

We may sometimes seek further information or explanation in regards to any flagged activity.

We reserve the right to return funds and suspend any account as necessary that may place us in breach of the laws, regulatory framework, or the customer agreement, under which we operate.

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