Before you get started make sure you have linked your Twitter account. If you don't know how to link your social media account, then follow this guide.

Sending Sats

With the Bottlepay 🤖's, you can now send sats and fiat directly over social media.

Did you just learn a ton from some guy's thread? Just send a few sats his way for free as a nice gesture.

You made a public bet on Twitter with a random guy you don't even know? Show everyone you honoured your side of the bet by paying him back there.

General Use


Simply connect your Twitter account to your Bottlepay profile and you're good to go! When sending payments, there are a few things to be aware of:

  • Payments will always be taken from the matching currency you use, so please make sure you have a funded wallet

  • All payments you make must be approved in the app before they are sent

  • If your chosen recipient isn't a member of Bottlepay we will hold the payment for 7 days, the 🤖 will respond with a shareable URL with more details

  • Be aware of the countries we support, make sure that your recipient is in one of those regions if you want them to be able to collect

There are 2 ways to send payments across Twitter:

Direct Send

A direct send allows you to fire a payment to any recipient from any tweet. You just need to use the following text format, ? = optional, * = required:

@bottlepay [word*] [amount*] [currency*] [word?] @recipient

So if you wanted to send your mate @satsstacker 100 sats:

@bottlepay send 100 sats to @satsstacker

If all has gone well, the 🤖 will respond accordingly:

Alternative Syntax

For a more conversational style, you can use the following tweet format:

@bottlepay [word*] @recipient [amount*] [currency*] [word?] 

So if you wanted to send your mate @tomullally £10:

@bottlepay fire @tomullally £10 ftw 🚀

Short Reply Send

A short reply is a quick way to send a payment to the tweet you are replying to, it has a much shorter format that doesn't require a mention of the recipient (it gets that from the tweet you are replying to):

@bottlepay [word*] [amount*] [currency*]

So if you wanted to show appreciation to the author of a tweet, reply with:

@bottlepay send 500 sats for the awesome content!

You must have 1 word before the amount so that the 🤖 doesn't match tweets not intended for payment.

You can also make trades using the bots. Check out this guide to explain how!

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