• From the home screen, tap the cog icon in the bottom right corner to open the settings page.

  • Then tap the ‘Native currency’ button.

  • This will bring up a list of currencies from which you can select. The below example demonstrates the British Pound as the default currency.

  • When you go to make a payment, tap the 'quick tap' button for the amount you want to send. This will automatically calculate the amount of bitcoin for you. For the below example, the £10 button is selected👇:

  • As shown below, tapping the £10 option will convert and select the exact amount of bitcoin to send.

  • You are now able to swipe right and send the exact amount of bitcoin that is equivalent to the amount in British pounds you selected. In this case £10.

Alternatively, if your native currency is set to fiat, you can enter the fiat amount first e.g £22.50 and then change the account by tapping the dropdown and changing to the bitcoin account. This will convert £22.50 worth of bitcoin to send.

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