• From the home screen, tap the cog icon ( βš™οΈ ) in the bottom right corner to open the settings page.

  • To view your transaction limits, tap on 'Account limits'.

  • This will display your transaction limits for bitcoin on-chain transactions plus all fiat (GBP/EUR, etc) transactions under the 'Payments and trades' section.

  • There are separate limits imposed on bitcoin lightning network transactions shown in the 'Lightning transactions' section.

  • The progress bars beneath both your 'Payments and trades' and your 'Lightning transactions' are an indication of how close you are to reaching your transaction limits.

  • If it completely fills then you have reached your daily limit and will have to wait until the next day (midnight) to start sending/depositing funds again.

πŸ“– To find out more about transaction limits, please tap here.

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