From the friends page you can simply select a contact from your 'Bottlepay Friends' list. Upon selecting a contact you will open up their profile. You can send/request funds by clicking on the send or request button:

Click on the circled i symbol in the top right corner of the screen for a virtual tour of this page.

Tap on the amount in the middle of the screen to make changes to it. You can click the downward facing arrow next to the amount to open the currency list where you can select the currency for which you wish to send/request.

If you click the circle 'i' symbol next to the 'fee' label in the bottom left of the screen you will be shown the percentage of this transaction which you will be charged.

You can add a personalised message and GIF by tapping the add note and GIF prompt in the bottom right of the page.

When you are ready to finalise the transaction, slide the prompted icon to pay/request the funds.

Sending Funds Example:

Funds Sent Confirmation Page:

Request Funds Example:

Funds Request Sent:

Funds Received Confirmation:

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