You can find your bitcoin and account balances on the home screen. Just tap the drop-down menu in the top centre of your home screen. (This button might read 'Total balance', 'Bitcoin account' or 'GBP/Euro account' depending on the account you have selected.)

You can also access the information about all your account balances at a glance on the 'My profile page.

  • Tap on your username or photo in the top left of your Home Screen to open the 'My profile' page.

  • Under the heading ‘My balances’ you will see a list of each currency for which you currently hold funds.

  • Alongside each currency will be the total amount of funds which you hold for that specific currency.

  • If you tap on the currency, a pop-up will emerge that will give you more options for that account.

  • For fiat accounts (GBP/Euro), you will have the option to 'Add funds' or make a 'Bank Withdrawal'. 👇

  • Similarly, for your bitcoin account, you can either 'Add bitcoin' or 'Send bitcoin'.

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