From the home page click on your Bottlepay account profile picture in the top left corner of the screen:

You will now have opened your profile.

Quick Help:


1) Return to the home page

2) Edit you profile page, or download you personal QR code

3) This is you personal Bottlepay QR code

4) View your 'Early adopter' status

5) See you balances in Bitcoin and fiat.


1) Return to home page

2) Edit your profile or download and send your personal QR code

3) Types of currency that you hold

4) Amount of each currency you hold

5) Link your social media profiles i.e twitter, reddit /View your linked profile

6) Link your bank account/View your linked account

Detailed Help:

From your profile page you can:

View your total financial summary

Withdraw fiat to your linked bank account

Link your social media accounts

Open the edit profile page

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