What are QR codes?

Quick response or QR codes are a type of barcode that can easily be scanned by a smartphone.

Why are QR codes useful for bitcoin payments?

Bitcoin addresses are long, complex, and difficult to remember and any mistake while typing out or copying an address could lead to an incorrect transaction. 😬 QR codes can help with this as they encode a bitcoin address. This means you simply need to scan the right QR code and you can be sure you are sending a payment to the correct address.

Ready to give it a try? Here's how to use QR codes to send a payment with Bottlepay. 👇

  • Firstly, hit the 'send' button, located on the home screen. This will open your device's camera.

  • Next, simply point the camera at a valid bitcoin or lightning QR code.

  • The app will automatically detect the address and you can be sure you are making the payment to the wallet for the QR code you scanned. It's that simple.

⚡The lightning icon in the top right of the screen can be pressed to activate your device’s inbuilt torch. (If your device has this functionality.) This can be helpful if your camera cannot pick up the code due to poor lighting.

📸 The 'Browse' button on the bottom right enables you to open your device's photo library enabling you to open any QR codes you have saved in your photo album.

❗ If you are having trouble scanning a QR code, please ensure that you have given the Bottlepay app permission to use the camera ( For IOS - Settings > Privacy > Camera) (For Android - Settings > Apps and Notifications > Permissions > Camera)

To see which bitcoin addresses we support, please click here.

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