Firstly, hit the 'send' button, located on the home page:

This will open your device's camera. Simply hold the camera over a valid bitcoin or Lightning QR code which will be automatically detected by our software. Alternatively, you can paste in a valid address/invoice with the purple paste button at the bottom after hitting 'send'.

The lightning symbol at the bottom left is a button which can be pressed to activate your devices’ inbuilt torch (If your device has this functionality). This can be used as brightness aid, if your camera cannot pick up the code due to poor lighting.

The button on the bottom right enables you to open your devices’ photo library so that if you have a screenshot/image of a QR code you wish to scan, you can do so by selecting it from your photo album.

If you are having issues with scanning QR codes, please ensure that you have given the Bottlepay app permissions to use the camera ( For IOS - Settings > Privacy > Camera) (For Android - Settings > Apps and Notifications > Permissions > Camera)

Why are QR codes used for Bitcoin transactions?

Bitcoin transactions can be completed quickly and easily through scanning QR codes. Typically, you would need to exchange a Bitcoin address with the user that you wish to transact with. Each bitcoin address is unique and contains a long string of numbers and letters. To make things simpler these addresses are represented as QR codes which only need to be scanned by your device's camera.

To see which bitcoin addresses we support, click here.

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