🧘 Your account must be funded to make a trade. You can fund your account via open banking or manual transfer.

  • Tap the 'TRADE' button on the home page:

  • Select the 'One-time only' option:

🎡 To find out how to set up a recurring trade, please tap here.

  • Tap the arrow between the two currencies to choose which currency you wish to exchange from. In this example, we will be exchanging GBP to BTC.]

  • You can see your total balance available in both currencies before making a trade (£49.00 and 0.02820783 BTC):

  • Enter the amount on the left-hand side, and it will automatically calculate the amount on the right-hand side. In this case, £25.00 will be traded for 58,970 sats (0.00058970 BTC).

  • The fee (1%) and exchange rate (1 BTC / £41,970.15) are in the bottom left and bottom right-hand corners, respectively.

  • Swipe the trade button right when you have entered the amount.

🔄 If you would like to trade in the other direction, hit the '<->' button in the middle of the screen to move from BTC to GBP/EUR.

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