Open banking deposits are a convenient, secure way to authorise payments directly from your bank account. Only UK bank accounts offer open banking at the current time.

For more information about using open banking with Bottlepay, please see our What is open banking? article.

  • To complete an open banking deposit, select 'FUND' from the home page.

  • Next, tap 'British Pound'.

  • Select 'Open banking'.

  • Choose the financial institution you want to connect to Bottlepay from the list.

  • Enter the amount you want to deposit (Β£10 minimum), then 'Swipe to deposit'.

  • You'll then be taken to your bank's website or app and asked to verify your identity and confirm the payment.

  • You'll be returned to the Bottlepay app. That's it... your future open banking deposits will be as smooth as butter! πŸ„

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