Quick Help:


1) Open profile page, your Bottlepay username can be found here

2) Go to the Bitcoin live price index, begin a virtual tour or contact support

3) Tap to view a specific currency in your Total Balance

4) Total of all currencies you hold (Displayed in your preferred currency)

5) Set up a deposit

6) Set up a currency exchange

7) *Now 'send': Open your camera to scan a QR code

8) View all recent notifications

9) View your payment requests

10) View your scheduled trades

11) Most recent activity on your account

12) Home page (Current Page)

13) Payees page

14) Quick Payments Page

15) Transactions page

16) Settings page

Detailed Help:

Click on the circled [i] symbol in the top right corner of the screen for a virtual tour of this page.

The home page opens by default when you launch the app. To go back, tap on the house icon on the leftmost side of the menu bar.

You can click on your profile picture in the top left corner of the home page to open the profile page.

Your total balance will be displayed in the upper middle of the homepage. To change the displayed currency of your total balance please see this article.

To see specific amounts of each currency you currently hold, click on the total balance button at the top of the page and select the currency you wish to display from the list:

From the homepage the following tabs are available for you to switch between:

  • Recent (Selected by default) - See any recent transaction, deposit or withdrawal. Verify your identity reminder will be found here.

  • Requests - See a list of pending requests from other users.

  • Trades - See your history of currency exchanges

  • Scheduled - See a list of your scheduled currency exchanges

Below your total balance and above the tabs previously mentioned are three buttons:

Fund - For adding your own fiat/bitcoin into your account balance. From Fund you can:

Deposit bitcoin:

Deposit fiat (GBP/EUR) through:

Trade - For exchanging currencies

Send - For scanning or pasting invalid addresses/invoices

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